The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 97: Acolyte Knight Zereah (3)

The sudden appearance of a third party. The Elector Counts did not hide their wariness when it appeared in the air.

‘that… Black Eagle’s family.’

‘How can a beast god’s family follow a human?’

‘I’m not following people. are being dominated Could it be that God’s family had fallen?’

Even for lowly beasts, being connected to God is not a matter to be taken lightly.

But, how could that be possible for a mere mortal being?

But even those doubts were understood when she took up the veil.

The high nose bridge, thin face, and slightly open mouth reveal a subtle smile, giving off a strong scent as a woman.

The charming appearance with coquettish gestures and bewitching eyes is not at the level of being fascinated… something that degrades.


Realizing the true identity of that power, the electors each cast a mental barrier spell.

<Mental Interference Neutralization>

<Physical Power Double Enhancement>

It was only after the successive mental strengthening and anti-interference magics of the Elector Counts that the creatures of this land were able to escape from it. Even Lionheart’s relic convoy… Even the chimeras.

“It’s rude. To radiate magic to seduce men like a prostitute. Genga has no pride as a single wizard.”

Even though he said so, the Pope’s pores became so thick that cold sweat flowed down his back.

He said that he was wearing all sorts of mental barrier items, but the soldiers were almost bewitched by that demonic magic. If even the soldiers were fascinated like that black eagle, it would have been a headache.

That’s a male… No, there is magic that is like a curse that corrupts life.

“I’m sorry. It’s probably innate.”


The wizards didn’t believe it. This amount of magical power, this amount of depravity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is almost a ‘magical phenomenon’.

If there is such a thing, isn’t it indeed a demonic nature coveted by the malignant nature of pleasure and corruption?

‘But before that… As a wizard, his ability is not normal.’

The magic that nullified the <Ramantha’s Thunderbolt> of the elector dean Stadtwood.

Magic that goes beyond the destruction of high-level elements that dissolves even the most sacred laws is amazing even for the great wizards.

“By the way… that chimera was also made by mages, right?


In an instant, the hot-headed pope frowned.

It was the root cause of the imperial wizards choosing the word crude for Chimera, the essence of biotechnology.

But even with that intense gaze in front of her, Beatrice responded with a smile.

“Yeah, too promiscuous… not dignified. It’s something you’d make for a pastime, like when you’re torturing demons alive.”

“Ha…! Wizards are only obsessed with appearances.”

“First of all, it’s the royal family.”

Beatrice glanced at the chimeras accompanying the orcs at the rear of the convoy.

Poor beasts that synthesized all kinds of life forms. Beatrice frowned at her grotesque appearance and unfortunate fate.

“To have to use even such a lowly beast… I can see the level of magicians in this world.”

she gestured. In an instant, dark purple energy poured towards the Chimeras.


In an instant, a cloud of mist enveloped the Chimeras. The chimeras in charge of acting nodded their heads and raised their heads with hazy eyes.

Orcs intuitively felt the crisis.

“Kill them——!”

A perfectly matched intuition. Chimeras began attacking the Orcs.

“Tch… did you notice?”

The king clicked his tongue as he looked at it.

Chimeras certainly have great physical abilities, but their intelligence and exorcism are low. They are particularly vulnerable to abilities such as mental interference.

“But that’s a handshake. Revealing one’s hand. The God of Dreams and Death… No, the Priestess class.”

“The kingdom bastards. They said they only sent one Holy Grail Knight, so I thought they hid the saintess.”

“It’s strange. This time, the head priest of Fleur must have been a man, but that woman isn’t on the list of key figures in the intelligence department.”

Hari’s presence alone was surprising, but I never thought a high priest would appear.

However, the electors of the empire still had time to spare. One opponent after all. The two archmages have division commander Wolfhard, a knight of the general rank.

Three of the strongest powers that the Empire boasts. Just adding one new priest wouldn’t change anything.

“It would have been better if it had been a surprise attack.”

<Ignition>, <Wrapping Flame>──<Fireball>

A huge fireball fired by the Pope flew towards Beatrice. Beatrice pulled the reins holding the black eagle and performed an evasive maneuver.

The speed of the fireball was considerable, but not enough to follow the mobility of the black eagle, a flying beast.


<Speed Up>, <Movement Induction>, <Auto Tracking>, <Magical Shape Change>——<Burning Eyes>

At that moment, the shape of the fireball changed and began to run through the air like a thin beam. It was a speed far exceeding the Black Eagle’s mobility.

In response, Beatrice pointed toward the burning gaze with her beautiful finger.

Mage <hexa shield>

The transparent hexagonal shield deployed by Beatrice blocked her burning gaze. Fierce flames hit the shield, but her defense magic was unmatched.

“It’s stopped.”

At that time, Dean Stadtwood radiated magical energy. The thundercloud still darkening the sky is about to rain down lightning.

Almost simultaneously, the binding magic that the pope shot at the black eagle hit.


He cast a binding spell on the black eagle, not himself, who had counter-magic power. The next moment Dean Stadtwood’s lightning struck.

Giant Magic <Ramanta’s Lightning>


Beatrice nullifies the thunderbolt once again. But the attack doesn’t end with this one.

The Pope and the Dean of Stadtwood. The two poured magic at the same time.

Huge flames, beams of light, thunderclaps, and chunks of rock hit Beatrice from all sides.

The two archmages used magic one after another as if they were rambling, but Beatrice only unfolded her magic with eyes full of composure.

Physical attacks are blocked with hexagonal shields, and lightning falling from the sky is completely nullified or the target is shed with lightning rod magic.

Obviously, it was the Elector Counts who were pouring in the attack, but it was them who seemed to be at a disadvantage as time passed.

‘What kind of ridiculous magic is this!’

‘To block the two of us’ consecutive attacks alone!’

Beatrice quietly opened her mouth to them, who were taken aback.

“Sacred law is the power to force concepts. It is a change in phenomena that comes from belief. Magic is obviously an inferior skill compared to the holy law.”

“You four years…! As a proud mage, how can you make such a foolish statement!”

“Magic is never inferior to Holy Law!”

It was the wrath of the wizards of this world.

They must be indignant. Miracles achieved by exploring knowledge, formulating formulas, and investigating phenomena.

Indeed, this power, which has become a symbol of the wise, is not as good as the phrasal verbs used by worm farmers on the streets just because they believe in God.

They could mix the rainy season with the dry sky and drop thunderbolts.

Even a little oxygen could start a fire, and it could nourish the land that had consumed its energy to grow crops.

However, the followers of faith prevalent in this land were different.

They drop thunderbolts, start fires, grow crops, and heal diseases just by wishing.

just by wishing

just by believing

Even the most common and lowly things benefit from miracles.

How can this not be infuriating?

Power and knowledge symbolize a person’s worth.

It is natural for the wise to lead society, to administer knowledge and its benefits, so how should their strength be compared to that of the lowly?

What is more, it is most disgraceful and unreasonable for those ignorant fanatics to be on top of their heads.

It was natural for many wizards to shout independence from the divine.

“I can feel a lot of hard work and anger.”

Beatrice was about to continue talking, but noticed the background of the opponent’s fierce reaction.

Certainly, the power of the Holy Law was quite an unreasonable power from the point of view of the magician himself.


“Magic… No, is it magic in this world? After all, it’s no different from magic in my world… I don’t know how you use it so ‘vulgarly’.”


Magic. That is, it is a kind of technology.

Beatrice did not mistake the scope of law and technology.

If sex law is the power to change laws,

Magic is the power to twist providence.

It uses the fifth element called magical power to cause fire where there is no fire, create waves in the calm sea, and adjust particles to shoot rays.

In other words, theory and imagination… A secret technique that uses all of that to make anything possible.

“To obsess over magic and ignore the possibility of magic. I think you guys don’t understand it any more.”

In the next moment, Beatrice stretched out both of her hands.

Tsushima <Magical Cycle>

A lot of magic that has been spread so far. Even the nullification and defensive magic developed to prevent this. It concentrates and recycles the scattered mana into one place.

The concentration of mana was astonishing even to the Elector Counts, the great mages. Such enormous magical power, compressed power… It is emitted through pure white fingers.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

A black beam of light shot out. The Pope used the power of the circlet.

Pure Concept <Barrier>

A power that produces miracles comparable to the Holy Law handed down by the electors.

The miraculous power that archmages tried to mass-produce for such a long time, but ultimately failed, prevented Beatrice’s terrifying tsunami.

“Is it a concept of defense? It’s not inferior to His Majesty’s defense of the Holy Law. But… if it can’t be penetrated, it’s enough to bypass it.”

The thunderbolts of the black clouds began to pulsate in golden color. Dean Stadtout was astonished.

“Sir, the magic I created…!”

Use the phenomenon created by the opponent. Bloom with your own magic. much stronger than before.

As evidence of that, the dark clouds that flashed with the intermittent sounding thunder were transformed into golden yellow due to the endlessly fluctuating thunderbolts.

Tsushima <Burning Light Celestial Punishment>

Cry, space. Strike down, thunderbolt.

Bloom, flowers of light.

thunderstorms pouring down. The Elector Counts tried their best to deploy all kinds of defensive magic and pure concepts, but the power of natural disasters could not be stopped by blocking only one side.

A truly horrific devastation.

Overwhelming destruction overtook the two archmages and the Imperial army.

* * * *

A frenzied thunderstorm.

Perhaps in order not to injure the relic convoy, Beatrice limited the range of Tsushima’s continuous bombardment.

However, in front of this majestic Tsushima, even the holy relic convoy had no choice but to get tired of it, because even the Holy Grail Knights, whose power and scale were decent, were difficult to compare.

“Turn it off…”

Zereah, who died after being attacked by the pope, became younger than before and now looked more like a middle-aged man than an old man.

Opening his eyes, he immediately judged the situation. As an alter ego, he was already aware of the fact that he was an alter ego of the past and the current mission to escort the holy relic.

It is thanks to the fact that the necessary information in the ‘body’ was sufficiently transplanted.

“It looks like the Empire has betrayed us.”

“We were escorting the relic, and we were in danger of being stolen by the imperial conspiracy.”

Kingdom Knight Stella came to you with her injured shoulder healed. She quickly explained the situation and Zereah was convinced.

“But I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. I don’t know who he is, but he will be able to defeat the reckless Empire.”

No one denied this statement. It was true. Because Beatrice was completely overwhelming the imperial army.

[Can you hear me?]

It was then. The message went to Zereah and the relic convoy.

“Hey, Queen?!”

Hari was startled and answered the voice in her head. The sound of laughter coming from the other side as if it were cute.

[Miss Hari, and everyone in the convoy. Request the support of your allies right now.]

“Yes? I’m winning right now…”

The current situation of the war was that Beatrice alone was overwhelming the imperial army and the three Elector Counts. However, Beatrice had a different idea.

[I felt a strange power from the Elector Counts. If it goes to a long-term battle, it’s hard for me to endure alone.]

“All right.”

The answer came back from Zereah. He seemed to understand Beatrice’s message exactly.

“Lady of Dreams and Death, I will do as you command.”

Stella asked.

“Sir Zereah. Do you intend to return to the canyon?”

“No, it’s too far. I don’t even know how the war situation is going.”


At that time, Goo Dae-seong, who was checking the system message again, shouted.

“The border of the kingdom…! Wouldn’t it be somehow possible to get there?”

Even if he said that, Goo Dae-seong was confident.

The main quest of this gate. Escort the holy relic to the borders of the kingdom.

The quest to defend ‘Lord Zerea’s main unit’ has already succeeded. In other words, someone… Whether it was Yappy or Leon, it was said that the submission was cleared.

In other words, if only this main quest is successful, the gate clear condition is completed.

“But how do you get through them and get to the kingdom?”

“I’ll clear the way!”

Harry stepped out. She is the priestess of Poma and Petos. If there is no interference from the Elector, the firepower is the best here.

“Good. Sir Stella, take care of the convoy. I don’t have much time left either.”

“Yes? What is that?”

“Come on, get ready.”

Zereah calmed down and raised the lance. He turned his horse towards the imperial army, which was in a state of confusion due to Beatrice’s magic bombardment.

“If only it reached the border… He would be there.”

That alone sorted out all of this war situation. As long as Beatrice could hold out until then, as long as the relic convoy wasn’t caught.


The convoy of holy relics resumed like that. Dozens of riders started running.

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