The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 98: Acolyte Knight Zereah (4)

Space orbit at an altitude of 800 km. An object that falls from a celestial realm where human footsteps cannot reach.

– Beep! Beep!

Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon, quickly moved his camera eye in response to a series of system warnings.

– Calculation of falling speed and impact angle. 8 seconds to orbit the planet.

Fall down. Yappy escaped from the satellite that was destroyed by the “Orc’s gaze” on the ground and jumped down, but he calculated that if he entered planetary orbit with his bare body, his body would be completely destroyed.

– Reduced fall speed. Escape sequence initiated.

Yapi urgently deployed his parachute. The fuselage will not burn if it slows down before entering planetary orbit. However, such an attempt failed due to variables.


In fact, at the first and last timing, the deployed parachute was torn apart by the fragments of the shattered satellite.

– Beep! Beep! Risk Calculation Remeasurement.

Measurement complete.

13 seconds from entering orbit to total destruction.

The main logic circuit of strong artificial intelligence that produces desperate calculations. But Yapi didn’t give up.

– Prepare for emergency deceleration. securing materials.

Yappy’s camera eye checks the sky as it falls busily.

The ultra-high-performance camera eye secures satellite fragments in the sky in an instant even while spinning dozens of times per second because it is not centered.

It throws steel wires and coils them in a perfectly calculated action sequence.

three pieces, four pieces… 3 seconds to enter orbit when a few necessary parts are secured.

Pulling them into the retrieval system, Yapi immediately took out a robot arm and changed it to a welding device.

-2… One… Enter Gravity Orbit

At that moment, Yapi’s torso begins to turn red. The moment it entered planetary orbit, the fuselage started to burn due to the acceleration.

Even asteroids burn up in an instant the moment they enter planetary orbit. In other words, 13 seconds until Yapi burns without a piece of his arm remaining.

Yaffi manipulated the steel wire and put the collected pieces together.

The Holy Grail Knight itself is the hub of holy power. That’s why even this small body can endure to some extent. But considering that, 13 seconds.

– Creation of emergency equipment. use of divine energy.

Yapi’s mechanical arm moves busily. Even at the moment of burning in real time, this Iron Grail Knight moved thoroughly calculatedly.


Yakt Spinner.

He is the Holy Grail Knight of Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing.

To him, the poor environment in which his body and materials melt in real time is just a calculation factor that is modified in real time!

-Chik! Cheeik! Quickly! Chii profit!

8 seconds.

– Kaang! kang! kang! Caang!

5 seconds.

-Additional supply required due to material burnout.

3 seconds.

– Body disassembly. Use of all parts except for parts for minimum motion driving.

2 seconds.

Remove the legs, cut the cover on the back, and bend the armament into pieces.

1 sec.

At that moment, what was completed was a thin, wide, sphere-like object. What’s important is what comes next.

Seongbeop <tool making>

The holy power of the Holy Grail Knight is bestowed on the sphere. At that very moment, the shape of the sphere turned into a sacred object endowed with the holy power of the blacksmith god.

The next moment, it fell like a shooting star from the sky and landed in the middle of a meadow.

– Kwaaang!

Yappy bouncing from a shattered orb in the aftermath of the crash.


The impact of the fall hits the whole body. No matter how yappy it is, the fall from an altitude of 800km did a lot of damage to him.

All of the body except the main computer was shattered, and the broken camera eye made it difficult to perceive the surroundings.

If the sphere made by the Holy Law had not stopped the burning of the body, the whole body would have been completely burned.

-Main-system, tem… more. Urgent, repair—blood… blanket… blanket

doesn’t even budge Yapi tried to move the mechanical arm, but the body, which had already accumulated more than the limit of damage, did not move as intended.

However, the only intact sound system recognized something approaching.


something is said Yapi couldn’t see the opponent’s face, so he couldn’t tell if it was an orc or a savage.

Yafi’s torso, which had been drooping like that, was lifted up. A broken camera eye captures ‘red things’.

“Who are you. How do you use your last name?”

The moment he heard that, Yapi mobilized the power of all systems to say a word.

* * * *

While Beatrice fired indiscriminately at the Elector Count and the Imperial Army, she kept a close eye on the opponent’s movements.

‘That’s strange. I poured out enough firepower to annihilate it long ago.’

The electors are holding out. Even in the face of power that exceeds their capabilities, they are enduring.

‘The convoy departed, but… … .’

Suddenly, Beatrice realized that one of the three Elector Counts was missing. It disappeared in the pouring lightning.

If you hide to attack yourself, you can respond. The basis of group magic warfare is to respond to an approaching enemy.

It’s unfortunate that there are no escort knights, but if you’re not a Holy Grail Knight or less, you can somehow respond.

‘But if… What if you’re not hiding to attack me?’

their overriding goal. The relic convoy has just departed. Just when Beatrice’s eyes were on the escaped escort——

“Where are you looking?”

A huge fireball that shoots. Beatrice blocked it with a gesture, but the barrier she deployed cracked.

‘Has it become stronger than before?’

At the end of the purple gaze, the two wizards in robes laughed. The wizards who had been hit by that much bombardment were bluish with blood flowing from the corners of their mouths.

To be precise, it was the feedback from the excessive use of mana while deploying the barrier.

once. If you hit it properly once in the future, you can kill it. Beatrice snapped her fingers once more.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

An eerie purple light that forms in space. They headed for the Elector Counts at the speed of light.


Truly an island. Mixed with fakes, there are six lines of Myorisaan that shoot from all directions.

Originally, it would have been an execution machine that the tired people would not be able to react to.

<Expansion of the range of effect>, <Sixfold activation>──


The magics linked by the two Elector Counts disintegrate Beatrice’s magic.

It is common to nullify the opponent’s spell in a grand magic battle, but Beatrice’s great magic sword must have exceeded the limit they could disassemble.

But nothing changes. Beatrice herself is a huge magical furnace, but her true value is the one who uses the providence by using the scattered magical reverberations in the air.

Tsushima <Magical Cycle>

She is virtually invincible in this gigantic magic battle. Against the same magic user, there is no such thing as losing her magic power.


It was then. Just when he tried to circulate his own magic and the magic of the electorate, a foreign object came in.


The absorbed mana was clearly heterogeneous. Beatrice knew that all too well.

“……You sold your soul to the devil.”

“I never thought they would drive us this far.”

The eyes of the electorate were cold.

Originally, it shouldn’t have been shown here. At least 2 years later… A power that will only be revealed after the Great Ritual of the Elected Emperor is over.

However, the variable named Beatrice was so powerful that they had to break the rules.

Given the situation on the defensive and the seriousness of the mission, it would be better to gamble than to have the two Elector Counts die in a failed mission here.

<Malignant Advent>

disorderly quest. Great Demon Gendar

<Malignant Advent>

moth-eating lust. Great Demon 《Nugol》

The evil magic began to devour the Elector Counts.

* * * *

While Beatrice held the imperial army alone, Hari, Daesung, and Zereah’s relic convoy rode madly toward the Lionheart border.

“We must hurry!”

Zereah rode without hesitation while holding the box containing the holy relic. Lionheart Kingdom’s warhorses are the best in the world. That’s why there are bound to be people who fall behind.

“Ugh…! Don’t, try your best!”

Hari and Daesung. The horses that Leon bought in Jeju Island are not even basic.

The horses of the two were not enough to chase Lionheart’s warhorse, and naturally they fell behind in the last place.

“Well, don’t worry about us! Let’s go first—”

It was then. A loud noise is heard from behind Harry. Goo Daeseong exclaimed.

“My, the Imperial Army is coming!”

Black-armoured cavalry furiously pursued the rear of the convoy.

Imperial Guard.

Imperial Guard of the Emperor. In other words, the armed group acting on behalf of the Emperor only handles the highest level of warhorses that are not inferior to Lionheart’s warhorses.

“Where are you going!”

The head of the division was Wolfhard. Called Wolfhard of Superpower, he is one of the strongest in the Empire.

His black horse quickly closed the distance and landed on Hari’s back.


Hari wielding the Holy Law. Her flame wrapped around Wolfhard’s armor, but that was it.

Pure Concept <Armor>

The strongest armor handed down from generation to generation by the commander of the Imperial Guard division, who is said to be the emperor’s guardian. That armor actually surpasses that of the Holy Grail Knight.

The flames Hari wielded were at the level of sooting the armor.

“Die, God’s harlot.”

Wolfhard wielding a two-handed greatsword with one hand. Hari gave up even holding the horse’s reins and turned back to block the sword… … .

– Boom!

Hari bouncing with the sound of colliding with the cannon. She blows like a baseball! It flew off and rolled on the floor.

“Ha, Miss Han Hari!”

Daesung’s voice bounced off Hari so quickly that he couldn’t even reach it. Wolfhard jumped off his horse.

He had an obligation to annihilate them before they reached Lionheart’s borders.

“I’ll kill everyone here!”

At that moment, he connects himself with the malicious ‘contract’.

<Malignant Advent>

ruthless destruction. Great Demon 《Knua》

Just like the two Elector Counts, a voice that reaches beyond dimensions. In response, the subject of the contract stretches out his hand towards them.


Wolfhart’s armor swelled like it would break. This is because the internal body exploded in an instant.

However, the imperial treasure readjusts its size according to the wearer. Wolfhart, whose armor had been readjusted in an instant, was undergoing a terrible metamorphosis.

Bloody madness glistened around his eyes, and the exposed flesh showed veins of blood that seemed to burst.

Wolfhart, who was already big, was now well twice as big.

Everyone had a gut feeling. Something has changed.

It’s not just that the body has expanded. The providence of this world has been distorted, and the existence that shouldn’t exist has revealed its ferocity.

Apart from that, Wolfhart, who landed on the ground, exhaled vicious breath… start to run across the ground.

– Quaang! bang! Quaang! bang!

It was a terrible binge. Just running on the ground makes such a roar.

Wolfhart didn’t even pay attention to Goo Dae-sung and passed by easily, only heading for Zereah who had the holy relic.

“Stop it!”

Stella ordered. Commoner riders reverse. At that moment, they were ready to die.

“For Lionheart!”

“For the Lion Heart King!!”

In an instant, the riders turned their heads and charged back at Wolfhard with spears. The moment of collision–


Spears colliding with armor are broken, horses are smashed, and riders’ bodies fly through the air.

Just by colliding, it took 3 seconds for the riders to be wiped out.

“Thank you, loyal soldiers.”

13 m from the ground. The red-haired female knight strikes down the sword. The light she believes in transforms into a holy sword that protects the sword and drives out evil things.

Seongbeop <Seongsword Opening>

Wolfhart was swept away with the black flash she struck. This blow that is lethal to evil species, it is so powerful that even a high-level demon can be slashed with one blow.


But Wolfhard endured it. Rather, it swept through the armor as if a fly had landed on it, and grabbed Stella.


“You cheeky bitch. Die!”

The moment Wolfhard was about to break Stella’s neck intact, a sharp flash of light grazed Wolfhart.


Wolfhart backs down after leaving Stella at the threatening anticipation. A middle-aged knight appears in his field of vision.


Zereah. That past alter ego blocked Wolfhard.

“Are you saying that you, who were not even Holy Grail Knights, would stop me in my stupid days?”

Wolfhard knew Zerea. It was only natural that he was a famous ascetic even in his youth.

An ascetic who found the way to God while wandering not only the kingdom but also the empire and the distant East. Everyone laughed at him for being stupid, but he finally accomplished the task of becoming a Holy Grail Knight.

Certainly, Grail Knight Zereah is a great man. He sang of the twilight and deserved the most honorable seat.

But it’s not the interest in front of your eyes. An existence that has not bloomed yet, just stuffed moments of the past.

Division commander of the Imperial Guard and Elector Count of the Empire. It means that he is not a being to compare with himself, who is the contractor of Knua, the great devil.

“If you want to defeat me, you’ll have to bring in a Holy Grail Knight!”

“The Empire is starting to get really cocky. Since when did you guys start talking about the Holy Grail Knight?”

“This guy…”

Wolfhard glared at Zereah, who was arrogant. I’m thinking of borrowing the power of the Holy Spirit——

“You bastard! Where are the holy relics!”

does not exist. The reliquary Zereah was holding just a moment ago was nowhere to be seen. For a moment, Wolfhart saw someone who was still running without stopping.

A trivial soldier riding on Zereah’s warhorse with the red-haired priestess who was thrown away by the first attack.

That worm that I ignored because it wasn’t worth killing was holding the reliquary and widening the distance!

“A shallow number…!”

Wolfhart tried to run straight to Goo Dae-seong, but Zerea and even Stella joined in to stop him.

“These weak bastards…!”

When Wolfhart swung his greatsword, the two barely stopped it. Wolfhart immediately ordered the Imperial Guards to pursue Gudaeseong, but others stood in their way.

A rider with a broken arm, a knight without a horse. Everyone who could move in the reliquary convoy stopped the Imperial Guard.

Some of them vomited blood as if they were about to die.

Stella exclaims.

“Glorious Knights and Soldiers of Lionheart! Leader of the Convoy! Stella Vermillion orders! Balsword…!”

Those who drew the sword without the slightest hesitation. Even in the face of overwhelming death, their eyes are full of fighting spirit.

“Today we die here!”

“”I’ll take your name!!””

Horses rushing at them with roaring momentum. Rather, the Imperial Guard are overwhelmed by their tenacious momentum.

Not only the knights, but even the commoners, the savages, were ready to die like knights. It’s not strange that they get fed up.

“You foolish fanatics. Dogs of the gods…!”

Wolfhart had never liked that.

The Empire is a state with a strict caste system. There, nobles are noble beings, and commoners are mere consumables.

On the other hand, the kingdom was also a caste country, but its society was quite different from the empire.

The nobles and knights of the kingdom, who uphold strict poverty, noble oaths, and righteous discipline as if they were their lives, willingly gave their lives in front of the god’s decrees.

Even the commoners they swore to protect were willing to offer their allegiance and service as if in response.

It was quite different from the empire that refused to serve God under the pretext of human greed and autonomy.

empires and kingdoms. The gap between the two countries has widened.

“You…! You are cattle who have abandoned judgment!”

Wolfhart’s greatsword pressed down on Zereah. Just a performer… He broke both knees just by blocking Wolfhart’s power, which had been amplified by even borrowing the power of the Great Devil.

“Sir Zereah!”

“Never mind me!”

Rather, Zereah accepted Wolfhart’s sword. He tried to block his movements by driving a greatsword into his body.

“You idiot! The power gap is different!”

However, Wolfhart pulled out his sword and trampled Zereah with ignorant brute force. His sword struck Stella and her body rolled across the floor like a tossed ball.


It was then. Zereah, who had been killed by Wolfflhart, stood up straight away. He now has the appearance of a young man beyond his gray middle age.

‘Has the resurrection speed increased?’

Although he was puzzled by that, Wolfhart didn’t care. Because he wasn’t even an acolyte anymore.

“Kingdom Knight Sir Zereah. How many more times can you survive from now on?”

“Until the moment the woman takes this life.”

Zereah risked death and attacked. The difference in strength is too great. However, the acolyte knight Zereah gun, the kingdom knight Zereah gun——the pilgrim knight Zereah gun.

“Hee-euk… Hee-euk…!”

he gets up again He did not give up in the face of an insurmountable evil.

“Is this the last time? You’re a fledgling child who has lost even your stupidity. To defeat me, even your body would be insufficient.”

“……It’s a strange thing.”

young… No, said the boy knight whose womb had just been revealed.

“That I finally became a Holy Grail Knight. The goddess chose this lacking knight.”

Zereah, who bleeds and causes her body to stagger with anemia. The armor is broken, the whole body is dirty… Its eyes were spotless and clear.

“Grail Knights are those who dedicate their entire lives to fulfilling the quest of the gods… to finally face it and accomplish the task.”

“Their lives are the most beautiful flowers that bloomed in countless beliefs… That dazzling honor was my dream and my goal.”

Zereah raised her sword. The sharp sword that was raised high let out a sharp alert as if it would pierce the sky.

Even in a situation where his armor and body were broken and scattered, his sword and eyes were clear and clean.

He is a stupid man who has seen his limits many times among countless talented knights.

A person who went through with his life in front of the goddess who urged him to give up because he could not see his stupid path.

Finally, after 70 years of wandering, I was given an impossible task.

“You are the woman who presides over the end of all things.”

“You are the manager who oversees the underworld and sinners.”

“You are the boatman who guides mortals in the lowest places.”

Everyone said it was impossible.

He advised that this was the will of the goddess to give up.

“Listen to my voice.”

“Pray with your knight.”

But the knight challenged the impossible.

The challenge did not require the evaluation of others.

I didn’t even find a reason why the impossible should be excluded from the challenge.

In the end, the impossible was replaced with the possible, and death was overcome.

The goddess of death was pleased to see.

[The original woman protects you.]

Beyond time and space, towards the still stupid and simple knight——the goddess smiles at the existence that merely reproduced that history.

That’s enough.

Fool sings the end of twilight.

“Death is with me.”

Zereah’s momentum grows like a storm. Wolfhart realized that the inexperienced young knight was different from before.

“Nothing changes!”

A bayonet is heard. Like a signal flare, Zereah’s new model was fired like a cannonball.

“I am not immortal.”

“To fight while clad in immortality.”

“To overcome mortality, to be destined to triumph.”

* * * *

The battle is over.

The battle between the Relic Convoy and the Imperial Guard was a no-win fight from the start.

They are a minority, mostly commoners, and the strongest elites in the Empire. No matter how much momentum has risen, the level of armament is different.

The only painful thing is that I spent over 30 minutes trying to deal with the convoy risking my life.

That a man who was only a pilgrim knight at best held on to Wolfhard, the commander of the Imperial Guard Division, until the very end.

“Fucking fanatics!!”

Wolfhart kicked in anger at the traces of Zereah, who disappeared as smoke. Soon, he grabbed the wound on the nape of his neck.

Just a casual article. I almost got hit by a pilgrim knight. If he hadn’t turned into a demon with Malignant Advent, he would have been the one who would have been killed by having his throat pierced.

Wolfhart was starting to get scared inside. What the hell, the guys in this kingdom are this guy and that guy and they are crazy fanatics.

“Your Excellency…! It’s not too late! Even if you ride a horse to the Lionheart border, it will take at least half a day, so even from now on, we can pursue it!”

“Go after them right away! We must retrieve the holy relic!”

Wolfhard did not mount the horse. However, the effects of Malignant Advent can last for several more hours. It would be much faster to run barefoot.

“Your Excellency, how do I handle the interest?”

At that time, one of the Imperial Guard pointed to the surviving Lionheart knight. Covered with scars all over, she was Stella, the leader of the convoy.

“Hee-euk… Hee-euk…!”

Her eyes, barely supporting it with both hands, lacked the strength to even hold the sword, and the speculation still did not disappear.

“Take care. Leave no survivors.”

Before starting the pursuit, the Imperial Guard pointed their spears at the dying female knight. Even though all of her holy power was exhausted, Stella fixed her sword.

“To Lionheart…”

offering his death to the kingdom.

A loyal knight sings of final glory.

“Is there any honor——!?”

At that moment, Stella felt her skin tingle.

My lips are swollen and the air is burning. Feeling that it was an obvious anomaly, everyone looked up at the sky involuntarily.


it was meteor A falling meteor burning itself.

The red gas that adorns the sky burns the atmosphere around the world and evaporates even the clouds. The sky burns red, and red rain pours down, evaporating repeatedly.


It was an impossible freak phenomenon.

The great magic of the weather manipulation system is achieved by the great wizards of the empire overlapping and strengthening their spells many times.

However, that thing dyes the sky red just by falling.

– Quaang!

A meteor that fell from the sky created a huge crater and exploded its aftermath in all directions.

A red knight who appeared with a huge explosion that destroyed the surroundings in an instant.

Full body armor that was as red as a scarlet fire.

A gigantic sword in each hand that could not even be lifted even by several strongmen.

What scares me most is the rolling flames. The flame, which seemed to be consumed just by touching it, was not a flame upon closer examination.

It’s just that the holy power flowing from the whole body is overflowing enough to be seen.


The black armored warriors tremble in fear.

No human being in this era would be ignorant of that legend.


“Beheading Knight…

“God’s Wrath…”

“……Witch Hunter.”

“Sacred Punishment Agent.”

“Warrider of Doom.”

The youngest Holy Grail Knight, the strongest Holy Grail Knight of the time, comparable to the prestige of the demon slayer Lionheart.

“I am Vulcanus! I am Vulcanus!!”

The Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame.

The strongest Holy Grail Knight of this era poured out fierce anger.

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