The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 99: The Strongest Holy Grail Knight

In this reenactment of history, there were three points of change.

The first is Leon and Zerea, who finally intercepted the pursuit of the Orc Corps and succeeded in defending the canyon. Thus, Grail Knight Zereah’s survival continued for a long time.

The second is the existence of Yaffi, who crashed from space orbit but did not burn and eventually succeeded in landing.

The third is Beatrice, who protected the convoy from being annihilated by the Elector Counts as it was in history.

Compared to these three points of change, Koo Dae-seong, who took over the holy relic at the end of the chase and ran frantically toward the Lionheart’s border, would be a very small factor compared to all these points of change of miracles.


“Hee-euk… Hee-euk…!

His near desperate escape must be——


“We are the Knights of the Burning Sword! Who are you guys!”

It was a decisive move that changed this history.

* * * *

Silence comes and goes.

There are many eyes and mouths in this place, but only the red knight moves them.

“You guys…”

Vulcanus checks his surroundings.

Knights and riders of a dying kingdom.

A message from Yapi, who has fallen from the sky.

Goo Dae-seong and Han Ha-ri met in the middle with the holy relic.

everything becomes clear

The empire has betrayed the kingdom,

that they are their enemies.


The armor trembles. tremble with anger The gaze in the helmet’s visor caused a cold fright.

“Make an excuse.”


“Before I burn up every single ounce of your soul, so that you can receive ‘forgiveness’ by ‘just dying’.”


Wolfhard stared at Vulcan with a puzzled expression. His sword is filled with blood that overflows.

“You’re still so arrogant. Dogs of God. Don’t you know that your arrogance brought about today’s crisis?”


The division commander of the Imperial Guard and one of the 13 electorate princes.

The one who made a contract with Knua, the great demon of destruction and slaughter.

Originally a giant comparable to Vulcan, it was now three times larger than that. It’s not just that it has grown in size.

The authority of destruction and slaughter is extremely simple.

Simply strong, destructive. It is an existence that specializes only in slaughter.

“You will surrender before the power of the Empire today!”


Vulcan knew the old inferiority of the Empire.

Although they are several times larger than the Kingdom, their influence always lags behind the Kingdom.

No wonder. Humanists and those who claim to be divinely independent can’t be better than the glorious Lionhearts who are blessed by God.

But Vulcanus knew. Whether the Empire does not follow God’s code and its teachings.

They just don’t want to give up their interests.

I am afraid to risk my life to serve my subjects and protect them.

Because the upper heads were so lax, the Empire’s snarl was like this.

Who could have used that as an excuse for independence from God or the human-first principle?

“Is that all?”

“Only? You guys are in front of this absolute power——!?”

– Kwak!

Vulcan’s sword struck Wolfhard. His enhanced reflexes barely responded to it, but the striking sword was too heavy.

‘Muh, what power… !’

To think that the one who descended from evil is pushed out of power? How the hell does this have to be to be able to do this?

The weight weighed down is lessened. Because Vulcan raised his sword to swing again. Wolfhart was aiming for that moment, but the sword strikes again before he has time to counterattack.


“Do you know why you guys were able to call it an empire?”

Vulcanus struck down with a single-handed greatsword. In contrast, Wolfhart was in a hurry to block even with his two-handed sword.

“That’s because we tolerated your existence!”

– Kwak!

It wasn’t an iron-on-iron collision, but a rupture sound like a meteorite hitting the ground. The shock wave alone made the Imperial Guards horrified that their bodies were being pushed back.

“You bastards are proud to call for independence!”

– Kwak!

“You guys were able to expand unnecessary territories!”

– Kwak!

“All! All! All! Because we accepted!!”


The moment Wolfhart received the blow, the ground on which Wolfhart was standing turned black and created a crater. The terrain collapses as if a huge bomb has exploded, and shockwaves reverberate everywhere.


Wolfhart was stricken with only receiving Vulcan’s sword a few times.

His armor was crushed, and his great sword, which he was proud of, had cracks.

Wolfhart believed that his strength could surpass that of the Holy Grail Knight.

Now he had that much power.

Strength and agility, strength and endless magic. A level that has already transcended human limits.

But what happened to this?

Why was he being pushed out of his power, and why was he suffering so mercilessly?

Even the opponent is not even strong. The Flame Holy Grail Knight, who is said to be the strongest of the time, is the strongest person who has been given two holy swords to wield this sword.

Vulcanus had been overpowering himself with only one holy sword from earlier.

“No! It can’t be!”

He is the head of the Empire’s most elite Imperial Guard.

He is a superman who is not lacking in being called the strongest of the empire.

That he couldn’t defeat one of the Holy Grail Knights that swarmed the kingdom? Are you overwhelmed?

“Give up your strength, Knua! As your contractor, I will pay the price!”

At that moment, bloody aura soared from Wolfhart’s body.

Above the reddish sky, crimson light pierces like a blade.

Wolfhart’s cracked armor could not withstand the swelling body and exploded.

Wolfhart, who had finally completed his transformation, escaped his human form.

A horribly gigantic body and goat’s legs, close to the great demon of destruction and slaughter. sharp horns and ferocious teeth.

“From now on, this is my land!”

<Region Declaration – Skeleton Temple>

The authority possessed by the demon of destruction and slaughter. Endows the caster with infinite strength and the power of killing.

Wolfhard laughed.

The power to destroy everything,

The ecstasy conveyed by the seething blood vessels,

A huge magical power that controls space.

This is omnipotence. This is the true transcendental power. I feel like I’m about to burst into laughter.


The whole world is filled with his noise.

An endless surge of power and magic fills the world.

Who can stand against such a force? The Holy Grail Knight was no longer a problem. Even the gods cannot stand against this power.


Wolfhart’s gaze turned to Vulcanus. he was shaking

Ha, is it that he puts aside his arrogance and finally succumbs to overwhelming power? After all, you are only a human being.

But it didn’t take long for that mean satisfaction to be satisfied.

For everyone realized that Vulcan’s trembling was not fear or submission, but anger.

“How dare you… how dare you, you. Declare the land of the gods to be a malevolent realm.”

Holy power boils. The overflowing red energy is already soaring into flames. The world’s air is scorched, to the point where even breathing is terrifying.

“This land you stand on. Not just the kingdom, but here, there, and beyond… All! All! All!!”

Terrible heat surged through the two holy swords. A gigantic pillar of fire embodying seething rage reached Vulcan’s hands.

“——This is the land of the gods!!”

The next moment, the red ear sword was swung.

In the flames of the fire, the entire land of the Empire that was connected to the canyon was burned.

Endless fire burns the world as if trying to purify it without leaving even a trace of the malignantly polluted air.

The electorate of the fallen empire and the declared malignant realm were all burned.

From the land, vegetation, living things, to the atmosphere, everything.

only 5 seconds.

The only living creatures on this land were Vulcanus and Stella.

* * * *

With the power amplified by Malignant Advent, the two electors thought they had a chance to win.

This enormous magical power, the infinitely transmitted wisdom of magic, and the greedy lust to rule the space.

It’s only a matter of time before that cheeky bitch is defeated.

Of course, it’s a pity to miss the relic convoy, but that doesn’t matter since Wolfhard has gone. On the contrary, if you can capture a great wizard like this, it might be worth more than a holy relic.

“You brazen bastards. Was there an empire behind this disastrous incident?”

It was then. Beyond Beatrice, there is a golden light that has emerged from a higher sky.

“Yes, you bastard…!”

“Le, King Leon!”

The sudden appearance shocked the two electors. Why is the Lion Heart King, who should have been in the royal capital, here!

“Oh, Your Majesty. You’re here on time.”

“It’s late to send off an old friend. Can Jim join me?”

Beatrice shrugged at Leon’s words.

“Unlike Your Majesty, I am not interested in monopolizing the honor or glory of a knight.”

“…Sometime I’ll have to talk with you about taking the honor you deserve and the glory of battle.”

Leon took the Holy Spear and went out to join the battle. But then, everyone witnesses the sky to turn red.

“What is that?”

A large-scale anomaly that even the magician queen would be embarrassed by. Terrible heat reaches here as if the sky is on fire.

Even the two Elector Counts were horrified, asking what kind of magical phenomenon it was that it could even reach here, but only Leon calmly shook his head.

“Oops. I guess we don’t need to step out.”

“your majesty?”

“He’s as unforgiving of evil as I am.”

It was the next moment. A meteor fell from the sky. It’s as if you’ve fallen from space orbit and wrapped yourself in blazing heat.

“A cow, an asteroid?”

“Who summoned Meteora!”

The highest level of magic that can only be summoned after ten days and nights of ceremonies by ten archmages. Who the hell has ever cast such a great spell?

But they soon noticed. That it was not an asteroid, but a human wearing armor.


– Kwak!

The meteor that fell in the middle of the battlefield was an armor in the shape of a man. A knight like a burning flame. In his hands was the scorched upper body, torn apart.

“Beauty, division commander Wolfhard!?”

The Elector Counts were astonished when they recognized that it was Wolfhard, who was alive and had his upper half torn off.

“They are the companions of this garbage.”

Wolfhard’s body was thrown like garbage. Despite treating one of the 13 electors of the empire like this, the red knight glared at the two electors with a destructive gaze.

“You scumbags won’t leave behind a single soul!!”

Filled with rage, he didn’t even wait for the electors to open their mouths. It only focuses the embers of the world to incinerate the evil species right in front of you.

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>

The two giant swords were swung like huge pillars of fire.

“Ah, you idiot! Do you waste your energy and spread it——!?”


A huge pillar of fire swallows the Imperial Army and the Elector Counts whole. The Elector Counts, who instinctively felt the crisis, deployed the barrier with all their might, even enforcing demonization.

Among them, there was also the power of a treasure that summons the barrier of pure concepts, but–


The skin burns. Blood vessels were seething. Even though I blocked the flames from the front, my whole body was cooked only by the rapidly rising temperature.

‘Nonsense! How can you stop this spreading power——’

Human power has limits.

However, this flame knight did not have that.

divine punishment. Truly divine.

It took less than 3 seconds for the two Elector Counts who made a contract with the Great Devil to burn down without even leaving ashes.

overwhelming destruction. A trembling knight of the gods. Butcher Vulcanus.

No evil species can survive in front of that overwhelming power.

* * * *

The canyon battle ended with the appearance of Vulcanus. Burning everything down, he walked towards Leon who landed on the ground.

-thud! thud! thud! thud!

The heavy armor, which was well over 2m tall and weighed hundreds of kg, moved, but a loud sound echoed through the canyon.

In the visor, in the burning gaze, he knelt down.

“The agent of the gods! The owner of the lion’s heart and the guardian of the Holy Grail! I see the Lionheart!”

It was a bit out of line with court etiquette, but Leon was happy to do even that. Considering his origins, this can be easily overlooked.

“Long time no see, Lord Vulcanus.”


Vulcan did not ask why the man he had met at the palace not too long ago was here, or why he was saying hello to him after a long time.

“Yes, Your Majesty! How are you!”

It just dismisses all doubts with a flashy answer.

“your majesty.”

At that time, Beatrice approached Leon’s side. It is because of the movement of the gate.

[You have completed the quest.]

[Help Lord Zereah of Twilight escort the holy relic to the Lionheart border.]

-Additional Mission: Defend Sir Zereah’s main unit to the end.

The two survivors couldn’t see it, but Beatrice, the person who opened the gate, knew about the movement of the gate.

And that it was a closing phenomenon due to the completion of the quest.

“Everyone must muster before the gate closes.”


Leon looked at Vulcanus and made a decision.

“Sir. I have a lot to say with you, but the situation is urgent, so I have to move first.”

“Who will object to the path Okche is heading! Just do as you please!”

“Sir. Could you give me one thing that symbolizes you?”

“If you need it.”

Vulcanus stretched out his arm and soon formed a ring of flame. What came out of there was cracked… It is a single dagger that emits heat even in cracks.

“Thank you.”

Leon, who knew what value this had and what it was to Vulcanus, gladly accepted the object given to him by this glorious knight.

“Farewell, Lord Vulcanus. We will meet again someday.”

After this, Leon soared into the sky. He looked at the dagger given to him by Vulcan and thought.

In the paradise of the gods,

There is no Vulcanus.

* * * *

Retrieving the scattered cadets at Field Station was a risky task.

This is because their starting points were different as they entered the artificially created gate.

However, thanks to Beatrice casting her tracking magic, she was able to find every one of them.

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

“You’re here!”

-talent… look.

Finally, the Lionheart borderline. There, he met Hari, Daesung, and Yapi, who were with the Knights.

“This is… a relic!”

Leon opened the reliquary given by Daesung. And I immediately recognized what it was.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe this was the holy relic I lost…”

Is this also fate?

Leon stroked the holy relic and grinned.


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