The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 124

“It must be separated from its host’s body.”

Before starting the siege, it was Leon’s request.

“It’s a cerebral body. Unlike ordinary demons, it relies on its host for its body.”

Therefore, it is not impossible to save the host by separating the host and the mental body.

“Do you want to save your father? Do you want to get revenge right?”


In response to So-yeon’s reply, Leon warned her of the best she could do and the risks she had to endure herself.

“You have to hold the demonic sword first. You will become the new host.”



Leon stared blankly at Soyeon, who promptly agreed to the suggestion that she should hand over her body to the devil.

– Chap!

Tap with the blade of your hand from the top of your head. It must have been a subtle pain, so Soyeon’s eyes were watery.

“Take care of yourself a little bit.”


It hurt, but it didn’t feel bad. It’s because I know that it’s Leon’s own consideration.

“Anyway, hang these earrings.”


“It’s a star iron equipment that contains the power of dreams. I made it as a gift for the cadets.”

It was Beatrice who revealed the identity of the earring. The Magician Queen, the priestess of dreams and death, explained about the star iron earrings she blessed with her power.

“Originally, it was a function to protect the cadets’ mental barrier. There are quite a few demons that interfere with the mind.”

Beatrice had fought against many demons and had defeated them. In particular, the demons that lead humans to fall are particularly good at mental temptations.

“It has the ability to protect the mind and at the same time trap the enemy. It worked quite well against the demons of corruption in the past.”

Beatrice did not bother to say how she had treated the demon whose mind had been taken over. And what he could do after he had unleashed the power of dreams.

“The plan is like this. First, show your gap and be encroached on by him.”

“Does it activate right away at that moment?”

“It’s not that easy. Even if it’s weak, it’s a great supply demon. If it’s activated from the front, he’ll respond.”

So Leon fights with him. Exhausting the guy’s power, and at the moment of exhaustion, abruptly burst the star-iron earrings to release the power at once.

“If you fail, you will become the host of the evil one. In that case, Jim will have to cut you.”

“…Even if that happens, I won’t resent you.”

Chun So-yeon made up her mind. He would risk his life for true revenge.

“But this… I’m not risking my life. I trust you. You will win.”

At those words, Leon smiled and stroked the top of Soyeon’s head with a messy momentum.


Leon heading to the battlefield. While turning his back to the child, the Lion Heart King said.

“Believe in the majesty of the Lion Heart King and follow it. Then I will always bring you victory.”

Looking at his back, Cheon So-yeon was convinced before even starting.

That person is destined to win in the end.

* * * *

The battle is over.

At the point where Akasha, the Grand Duke of Demon, was defeated, the resistance of the demons became meaningless.

It is thanks to Leon’s intervention that even the highest level of demons were decapitated one after another.

[Quest Complete: You have defeated Akasha, the Great Duke of Slaughter.]

The gate closing condition has been fulfilled. Before the gate closes, hunters from both Korea and Japan begin to search the castle with lights in their eyes.

“Shake it all off! Take everything worth money, I mean!”

“Oh my God! How much is this! Get one more!”

The lord’s castle of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter. The treasures and goods there were truly enormous.

Treasures and jewels from all over the world, valuable weapons and magic books, and other trophies that would make the world go wild, but Beatrice and the Yakt Spinner stopped them.

– Please inspect all loot.

“There may be dangerous items, so His Majesty will purify them. I hope everyone will cooperate.”

Among the many treasures, of course, there are mountains of dangerous ones.

Hunters who knew the existence of a demonic sword parasitic to humans responded calmly to the notification.

“Your Majesty, what should we do with the captured prisoners?”

Hayuri from the Phoenix Guild approached. She smirked, holding up 37 seals of the High Devil’s Order that had been ‘certified’ by Yacht Spinner.

“You’ve been quite active. Are those necks over there?”


The square in the castle is full of demons who have been captured. Among them, there were demons like Ha Yu-ri who had their necks or upper bodies cut off, but surprisingly, many of them were still alive and moving.

“I will kill you, humans!”

“Do you think you’ll be safe even after invading the Pandemonium!”

“All corps commanders will come towards this place!”

The spirit of the demons was ferocious. Some of them are still confident. Because they know that they are immortal.

“We will resurrect and lead you to destruction—”

“Shut up, you devil!”

The demon whose whole body was pierced by Leon’s spear was skewered with the innocent demons in the rear. It was an instant death.


And something reddish flows out from the desperate demons and screams.

Pain, agony, and horrible noises like bursting out screams continued until she was absorbed into the Holy Grail.

-Seo, sex law!

– Holy Grail Knight!

Demons learned their destiny through him. That’s why, even in a state of restraint, they vigorously lift up and stand up.

“Han Hari.”

“Yes… Your Majesty.”

Hari waved her hand at Leon’s instruction. Then, a huge amount of seawater pours out of the air. Eventually, it wrapped around all the demons and was fixed in a cube-shaped sea.

– Whoops! Ubu Boop!

-Breath… ! live!

Even in the sea water, the struggle of demons is evident. But the next moment, Jaehyuk holds the spear high.

-Quarreung! Kwak!

The lightning of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, struck. Demons who are instantly electrocuted through seawater. Some died instantly, others survived.

“Lord Spinner will take care of the rest.”

– John’s name.

The steel mechanical spider moved on its massive legs and headed towards the demons in the pile of corpses. The killing machine cut every single living demon into pieces with wire.

no one will survive

Amidst the cries and screams of the demons, the blonde-haired young man inhales as if to savor it.

“What a sweet tune this is.”

-… … scary.

– I admit it honestly.

Of course, it’s just tongue-in-cheek carnage for those watching. It’s just that the opponent is a demon, so no one raises any objections.

“your majesty.”

“Takeda, what’s going on?”

“I congratulate you on the great victory. Thanks to the Holy Grail Knights, the loss was about a thousand people… No, less than fifty people.”

“Hmm, you Japanese elites also worked hard. The Lion Heart King will praise you for your bravery.”

It was an obvious escalation, but Takeda didn’t say much. It was purely for domestic propaganda that the nominally equal Hunter Commander and all were said to be.

“Let’s return soon. This gate is part of the Pandemonium. It won’t disappear unless we close it there.”

And that meant that there might be other demons watching over the situation and coming to their aid.

Leon has no intention of setting out to conquer the demon world with an incomplete force.

The unprecedented event of subjugation of the Grand Duke of Demons, which began with the Landing Battle of the Demonic Sword of Wandering, ended like that.

* * * *

Four years ago in Ulsan, Cheon Ji-ho wielded the magic sword in place of his daughter.

I have no regrets about that choice. Even if he kills himself with his own hands, his wife will think the same.

However, it has been four years since I became the host of the demonic sword. He has been living in terrible pain.

He killed fellow hunters who attacked him, and killed countless people as the demonic sword’s slaughter instinct led him.

In the end, even his own daughter almost saw the same thing as himself.

That bitterness… The dazzling golden saint blocked it. He freed me from the terrible demonic sword.


And like this.

“So Yeon-ah…”


You let me hold my daughter again.


Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. In a single room where the scent of flowers wafts, Cheon Ji-ho hugged his daughter for the first time in four years.

“Dad, Dad… Dad…”

The weight of the tight embrace was incomparable to that of four years ago. I felt the growth of the child, and it was a pity that I could not be with the child for such a long time.

“It’s… It’s over. Now, it’s okay.”

“Yeah… it’s all over.”

The couple hugged each other for a while and felt the afterglow for a long time.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’ll have to find a way… to apologize.”

Cheon Ji-ho remembered everything he had done while his body was being dominated.

The memory of the screams filled with sorrow of the previous demons… … .

“I’m going to take refuge in the pantheon… and find a way to help him.”

“Oh, that can’t be…”


Ji-ho snoops at her daughter’s answer, wondering if she heard it wrong.

“I’ve already been chosen by the gods. I’ve been allowed to use the powers of the gods with change. So, Dad, go back to the guild. I’ll go back and take back my position as heir to the guild.”

“How can I…”

“I’ll be there in the pantheon. Dad, go and get support from the new sword guild as the successor.”

That’s not wrong.

Now, since Cheon Jin-soo, the guild leader, was the only direct descendant of Cheon So-yeon, he naturally became the successor.

Originally, it was correct that Cheon Ji-ho succeeded the next successor.

But why? What makes me feel like my daughter’s extremely logical argument is selfish.

“Dad goes back and takes heir lessons from my grandfather. I’m sure he’ll do well.”

“Yes, yes. But… is that all?”

“Is that all?”

His voice was calm, but his pupils were clearly shaking. It’s to the point where I’m surprised that his face is slightly red.

‘I came back at best.’

What is the reason to break up with my dad who came back after 4 years?

Cheon Ji-ho had to swallow the bitter feeling.

* * * *

Leon was waiting in front of Cheonjiho’s hospital gate.

It’s something a couple do after a long time. It’s not that there’s no romance enough to get in the way.

While waiting for the father-daughter reunion, an old man approached from the hallway.

“Your Majesty the Lion Heart King.”

“Are you visiting your son?”

“Yes. I’ve been here the past few days.”

The protagonist of the step is Cheon Jin-soo, the guild leader of the new sword guild. He is Cheon Ji-ho’s father and Cheon So-yeon’s grandfather.

“Then His Majesty came to visit for some reason.”

“Because it needs to be cleaned up.”

Leon came to inspect Cheonjiho, who was once the host of the demonic sword.

In his body, the swordsmanship and souls of former demons engraved by the demonic sword are engraved.

It’s an existence close to a worn-out soul that’s hard to even call it a soul, but in this world, it’ll be difficult to purify your soul unless you’re at your level.

“I see, there are souls of other magic swordsmen.”

“It’s a job that should be left to the proper priest, but unfortunately there are few priests in this world who can guide the soul.”

Thanks to you, your precious body took over.


Cheon Jin-soo moved closer to Leon. Leon knew this old man had no intentions and left him alone.


The stiff back, which was like an old tree, bowed down.

“Thank you. My son received grace, and my granddaughter received grace. The entire family has seen Your Majesty’s grace.”

Master of the New Swords Guild.

The best sword in Korea and the strongest hunter.

Cheon Jin-soo is a kkondae among kkondae who walked around with his back stiffly straight due to his lifelong merit.

However, he did not mind bowing to the young man in front of him.

“I’ll help with anything I can.”

“There is only one thing Mincho wants.”

Leon wanted only one thing from this man who was neither a soldier, nor a knight, nor an aristocrat.

“The upheaval of evil continues, so beware of it and hate it. That will be the first step to protecting the world.”

“Yeah… Of course not.”

“Many worlds have perished because of that obvious thing. Do not take lightly the sweet temptations of evil things.”


Immediately after the subjugation of the Grand Duke of Slaughter, Cheon Jin-soo found out everything about this man.

The yup tube I had never seen before, the information organized by government officials, and the old friend Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association.

The man named Leon, whom Cheon Jin-soo came to know, was a history of endless war.

A survivor left alone in the world. The last bastion in the fight against evil for hundreds of years.

His unforgiving hands are a testament to how fiercely he fought.

Even if he is the king of knights in a different world, medieval, fantasy world.

His battle against evil deserves respect.

“Good! From now on, I will serve you as my brother!”

“What is it?”

Leon was also a little taken aback by Cheon Jin-soo’s completely unexpected words.

“In our world, there are cases where brothers and sisters are formed for the sake of a great cause called Taoyuan Resolution! My Guan Yu, please!


Leon was stunned by the bold old man’s words, but it was enough to make him laugh, so he didn’t feel bad.

“Your status is too low to be a blood brother to me.”

“Ever since then, I am the 37th generation descendant of the Cheon family. Our family was aristocrats during the Goryeo Dynasty and noblemen during the Joseon Dynasty.

Cheon Jin-soo insists that if you go to a prestigious family in the Joseon Dynasty, you would be a noble by medieval standards. he added.

“From now on, I will cooperate with anything related to the devil. If my brother and I join forces, the devil will not dare to invade this land!”

“Convert and embrace the faith. Whoever holds the pantheon is my brother and sister.”

“Is the range of the big brother a bit wide?”

Cheon Jin-soo said, beating his chest heartily.

“Don’t worry. All of our guild members will ask you to convert to sin. If you include related affiliates, the number will increase!”

For some unexpected reason, I was promised Cheon Jin-soo’s support, but it wasn’t bad. Although he is old, his strength is more than that of the knight commander of the kingdom.

‘If I can complete the quest well, I might be aiming for the position of Holy Grail Knight.’

Of course, that would be when Cheon Jin-soo realized the right faith. Leon left the hospital, avoiding his family’s meeting for a while, expecting the faith he would have.


It was then. The energy of the Holy Spirit that fluctuates in sub-space. It is not the Holy Sword, Holy Lance, or Holy Grail.

There is only one sacred object that is quite selfish and has ferocity to the point of being cruel.


A subspace opens and a book falls out of it.

The thick binding and well-tanned high-quality leather stand out for their handcraftedness.

The title engraved on the leather of the cover is a language from another world that only one person on this earth can read.

In the book it is written that

「How to catch a giant with a serf」

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