The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 125

In the meantime, the popularity of the pantheon has increased day by day, but after the subjugation of the Grand Duke of Demons, its reputation reached its peak.

-Wow, is it true that a new guild less than half a year ago cleared the black gate?

-Strictly speaking, it is thanks to the mobilization of more than 20 S-class forces in both Korea and Japan.

– Oh no. If you look at Mansinjeon Yuptube, the real main force was Mansinjeon.

-Praise the mechanical Holy Grail Knight Yapi!

-Have you seen Queen Beatrice’s magic? My heart is really getting bigger.

It is common for the bondi black gate to be added to the total power of one country, no, including neighboring countries.

If the black gate causes a dungeon break, the aftermath is due to not only one country but the entire continent.

In other words, Manshinjeon succeeded in attacking this black level twice.

Wandering Demonic Sword Landing Battle and Devil Anti-Air Power Subjugation.

Being able to artificially open and close the gate was a great issue, but what people focused more on was Lion Heart King’s power.

-Did you see the sea parting on the island of Shikoku?

-Bem up to the sky with a flame that evaporates the sea in thunder. is that a person?

-Did you see the analysis of the battle video of the Devil Grand Duke? How can a person move so much that even 300 frames can’t analyze it?

Human disaster in motion. The superpowered Lion Heart King that causes the winds of nature himself and creates storms with his sword.

-If that’s a big supply, what’s the devil above it?

-Even with the Great Devil, the S-ranks can barely catch it, but the Great Supply Devil is a real monster.

-What would you have done without Lionheart?

It is thanks to the existence of Leon that people were able to feel relieved even after facing the unprecedented monster called the Devil Grand Duke.

Leon Dragonia, Lionheart and the Pantheon were intensely recognized in people’s minds.

Two weeks after the subjugation of the Grand Duke of Devil. The Pantheon will announce a new event.

It was an official knight inauguration ceremony.

* * * *

Seo Im-sik, a knight of Mansinjeon, created quite an issue in Korea.

Even the monthly trainee completion ceremony became a scoop with great achievements, and the expectations for the knight ordination ceremony were high.

“That’s great.”

Reporter Park, who came to cover the ceremony of being appointed as a knight of Mansinjeon, seemed to be admiring the colorful placards and the prepared venue from the entrance of the building.

Unlike the junior reporter’s pure admiration, reporter Kim calmly analyzed the pantheon.

“The scale and funding are no less than the 10th guild now. No, since Hanbit himself entered the Pantheon, is it a new 10th guild?”

“Why did Hanbit go under the pantheon?”

“Well. Since it’s the same religious group, it must have been something of a thrill.”

Pantheon… No, a survivor named Leon has been driving issues since his appearance.

The first appearance was at an unknown gate that the association had cleared.

He collided with Lee Yong-wan of the Phoenix Guild and cleared the impregnable Cheongju Gate almost single-handedly.

After that, with the full support of Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, the Mansinjeon was built.

East Sea Gate Chaotic Demon Grand Duke Rakshaar and Wandering Demonic Sword Slaughter Demon Grand Duke Akasha.

The appearance of a new great demon class called the Devil Grand Duke and the power of the Lion Heart King who subdued even him.

“It’s almost treated as a myth in Japan. In the new Japanese Hunter Association system, the pantheon conversion rate is said to exceed 80%.”

“Come to think of it, the new president of the association, Takeda, is also a believer in the god of light and justice, right?”

The same goes for Allen Taylor and Minuteman, the S-class hunters of the American Maverick Guild, and hunters who have been in contact with the Pantheon have a particularly high conversion rate.

Is there something that really touches people?

“Does God really exist? There are a lot of eyewitness testimonies.

“Even though the domestic religious community is denying it as one.”

On the surface, Mansinjeon is a large-scale hunter guild, but in reality it is a thorough religious group.

A new religious force that claims all sorts of pseudo-things centered on the leader of the lion heart.

Religious world rooted in Korea… In particular, it seems that the Protestant Union is denying the pantheon, but there is too much evidence of a real God.

“It’s a level that doesn’t make sense from the blessed crops to simply excellent magic skills.”

The autumn harvest season is approaching, and the crops blessed in the Naju Plain are preparing to be supplied to all parts of the country with a great harvest.

Is that all? Lands that were neglected and polluted with demons, such as the Great Plain of Beidawang and the Black Soil of Ukraine, are cultivated by farmers who worship Demera, the goddess of earth and fertility.

“I heard that most of the profits are deposited into the pantheon because of the religious law of ten structures?

“It seems that the land of the farmer who siphoned off the profits in the middle immediately dried up.”

only half a year. Although it has not yet started in earnest, it seems that the operating funds of the pantheon will be on the scale of a city.

“To do it with that much money is a medieval knight ordination ceremony.”

It is a truly unbalanced organization. It seems that the junior reporter is also unfamiliar.

“Apart from the training officer completion ceremony, do you know what a knight ordination ceremony is? A knight ordination ceremony in the 21st century.”

“Isn’t that a more upgraded version than the graduation ceremony?”

The Manshinjeon’s trainee completion ceremony is famous.

Grow the lowest caste hunters of D-class in their late years to at least C-class.

In addition, by training and educating the hunters trained in this way as masters of thorough group warfare, they grow to more than a B-class raiding party in terms of group combat power.

Their collective fighting power has already been proven in the subjugation of the Grand Duke of Demons.

Hunters who have gone through the training process of the pantheon become ‘soldiers’, not hunters.

“Knight cadets must be superior to those soldiers. In short, they are officers. Considering medieval doctrine and the position of knights…”

Knights are the central force of the pantheon. The so-called high-class bottle all day long.

And today will be the day to appoint the knights who will be the core of the pantheon.

Reporter Kim headed towards the center of the venue. Unlike usual, there are no tourists. Is today a holiday for the inauguration ceremony?

The venue we arrived at is a huge training ground that was recently expanded.

Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms A privately-expanded site for large-scale training in a pantheon of over 1,000. It seems that everyone related to the pantheon has gathered there.

-Kick! Giggles!

– Cluck!

Yapi arranges the Kikkiruk tribes in an orderly manner, Man at Arms Kim Do-han, manager of Manshinjeon, Kim Jin-soo, manager dispatched from the association, and Choi Young-gyeong, who is in charge of agricultural development in the Naju plains, etc.

Among so many people involved in the pantheon, if we had to choose a group that stood out——

“What is that, senior?”


Serfs moving materials in shackles. The devil followers who were said to have been captured from the Demon Grand Duke became a great labor force and were being hired for the pantheon.

-Go to work, slave.


– Nope!

Seeing them being mercilessly whipped by mechanical spiders and supervisors who appear to be warriors of the Kiki Rook clan is enough to question whether this really is the Republic of Korea in the 21st century.

[Manshinjeon Ignoring Human Rights! Increased controversy over slavery!]

One of the news headlines coming up tomorrow will be this, but I wonder if Lionheart will care.

Aside from that, the knight ordination ceremony went ahead as scheduled.

* * * *


Hari trembled and sat down.

The chairs in the front row in front of Leon’s New Year’s Day stand are for those who will be recognized as official knights at the knight ordination ceremony of the pantheon.

Including Hari himself, Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyuk, Cheon So-yeon… There are seven more people sitting there.

What they have in common is that they can use ‘Sex Law’. And that it passed Leon’s standard.

“It’s not as much as I thought, sister.”

“Um… Because I was officially recognized as a Kingdom Knight. But everyone will follow soon.”

Suho and Jaehyuk are also in the top ranks of A-class knights. Considering that it was a B-class just a few months ago, it is a tremendous speed of development.

And the same goes for other cadets. Cadets who have enlightened the sex law are confirmed to be Class A. The rest are at the top of the B-class level.

Considering that the number of cadets who are enlightened by sex is increasing one after another, the standard knight level cutoff in the Pantheon of Gods should be A-rank.

“But Cheon So-yeon’s junior is amazing. Didn’t the association evaluate her as a semi-S class this time?”

“It’s not as good as your senior. S-level rating, congratulations.”

“Hehe… It’s not official yet.”

Among the knight cadets this time, it was Hari and Soyeon who achieved the highest grades by far.

Hari, who was the youngest A-class hunter, was scheduled to win the youngest S-class title after the subjugation of the Demon Grand Duke, and So-yeon, who was temporarily connected to the slaughter archduke Akasha, also made great progress.

“Ah, Your Majesty and the Queen are coming up.”

“There’s Sir Yapi.”

The swearing-in ceremony began. When the executives of Mansinjeon stand on the podium, everyone is silent as if they had promised.

“The main king is the Lion Heart King.”

Leon opened his mouth. The first was a clichéd self-introduction, and reporters’ camera shutters clicked here and there.

“The first knight of Ariana, the divinity of light and justice, who does the will of the pantheon. What does this mean?”

Leon saw the side that was focused on himself.

The knight cadets and soldiers who came to follow him after sharing the joys and sorrows for several months. And civilians in the world who have endless questions and curiosity toward this pantheon.

Today, Leon wants to proclaim to them what a ‘knight’ is.

“Let me tell you. This country, no, the world is walking on the wrong path.”

A buzzing crowd. However, no one can open their mouth. Because the Lion Heart King’s authority did not tolerate this.

Cameras are focused. The focus caught him, and the screen was broadcast live, sending out the lion heart of the stare.

“The evil species are in motion and are aiming for this world. You must have seen the world destroyed by the evil species.”

Cheongju Gate.

variable gate.

East Sea Gate and the territory of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

Is that all? The devil is also involved in the Shanghai disaster and the London incident.

In the world, the question of whether the gate was a bridgehead for the devil’s invasion was becoming more and more concrete.

“However, when the original king arrived on this earth and looked at the world, even with the promised destruction approaching, the strong are complacent and the weak are at peace.”

Leon acknowledged that this world is by no means weak.

Even if the apex power of the Holy Grail Knight does not exist, S-class hunters are beings with their own power.

There are many sacrifices and people. But there was a crucial difference from Lionheart.

Loyalty, conviction, and glorious duty.

“Evil will come to you. Soon it will reveal its true colors and bring destruction to the world. Then who will protect the grassroots who have no choice but to live in the fence of the strong. Who will shoulder this duty.”

Leon looked around at Man-at-Arms. They are faithful as soldiers. It is their duty to arm themselves with loyalty and bravery.

But that alone isn’t enough. They need someone who will lead them and become an example of dragon.

“It’s a knight. The knights will protect the people. They will protect the world.”


rider on horseback.

One who is trained for war for the rest of his life.

Lion Heart King seriously talks about what has been degenerated into an outdated topic of conversation in modern times.

“Ha-ri Han, stand on the podium.”

“Yes, old…!”

The first to be called was the girl with braided hair.

A young knight who has just turned into an adult, but is more talented than anyone else.

Leon got her down on one knee, drew her sword and placed it in the palm of her hand.

“Han Hari. You have proven your bravery, shouldered the karma of battle, and received the recognition of the gods. Therefore, I would like to appoint you as a knight here today.”

Hari looked at the sword given to her.

star iron. Her own sword blessed by the gods.

Leon recited an oath worthy of this sacred sword.

“Be courageous and do good.”

“Speak only the truth, and never give up your convictions before death.”

“Protect the weak, do no injustice.”

“Die for a noble ideal, and don’t be ashamed to make amends.”

“Love with innocence and goodwill. Do not give in to the impossible.”

“Have faith, reach for the stars.”

“That is your calling.”

“You are a Knight of Lionheart.”

“The goddess of the sea and waves.”

“A rider of war and flame.”

“Knight, will you do your due duty?”

Hari felt the heaviness of all those duties and virtues. I know it’s never easy.

Because the King of Knights in front of him is proof of that.

Because I know the sacrifice that Holy Grail Knight Geobric made.

Because I had heard of the Holy Grail Knight Zereah’s beliefs.

Because I witnessed the will of Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus’ mad power.

The chivalry now imposed on him is to follow the paths pioneered by those examples.

Han Ha-ri fully understood that and sincerely decided to imitate that virtue.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will serve you.”

The moment she sighed, the back of Leon’s hand slapped Hari hard on the cheek.

His mouth was torn, blood ran down his cheeks, and his cheeks were tattered. Oddly enough, Hari wasn’t embarrassed.

“It means to keep in mind. You should value your calling and duty more than your life.”


Harry’s turn is over. After that, Soyeon, Jaehyuk, Suho… In addition, several other students were officially appointed as Kingdom Knights.

“Wow~ They give you a fief? Now you’re a nobleman? It’s like that, but can I not pay ten structures?”

When Jae-hyeok asked about tax exemption using the earth’s common sense, Yapi slapped him on the cheek with a wire.

– No choice sound.


Even if you became a knight, there was no such thing as tax exemption.

In addition, the remaining pilgrims also had their own rewards.

“For this reason, the following 32 pilgrims are given a golden salary and a ‘free meal ticket’.”

-Oh Ussah!! Goodbye to sugar brine!

– Hey hey hey! I’m going to buy a hamburger!!

It was a moment of enthusiasm. Unlike Man-at-Arms, who become full-time soldiers after completing the graduation ceremony and are freed from vicious sugar-salt water, knight cadets have always eaten only sugar-salt water.

Perhaps the fortunate thing is that they were given proper food when attacking the gate, so that they actively engaged in actual combat training.

Anyway, as compensation was given to the pilgrims, Leon delivered the last news.

“We will organize the cadets by uniting the cadets of the 1st class. Han Ha-ri, Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyeok, and Cheon So-yeon. We will select the captain and vice-captain through command practice with the above four candidates as knight commanders.”

In short, it meant that he would appoint an intermediate commander to command the knight cadets, whom Leon had led at the forefront.

“What kind of method?”

“Wouldn’t there be some kind of test?”

The four of them, who were considered candidates for the commander level, knew how to do it right away.

“……Chief Jinsu Kim. What is this?”

Hari stared blankly at Section Chief Kim Jin-soo, a senior supervisor of the association who subtotaled the gate.

“It’s an orange gate, but it’s been completely cleaned up inside, leaving only the field bosses. You must have worked hard to get this.”

no, i know that Because they were the only ones in the vast gate plain.


500 people each lined up in front of the four knight commander candidates Han Ha-ri, Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyeok, and Cheon So-yeon.

torn cloth,

skinny body,

All he was holding was a flimsy dagger less than 15 cm tall.

Leon said in front of them.

“From now on, you catch giants as serfs.”

It was the lion heart king who said nonsense from the wind in the morning.

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