The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 194: Vulcan’s Betrayal

When Leon said he would participate in Karina’s courtship duel, the knights of the Pantheon shook their heads.

“Isn’t the Grand Duke of Dragonia finally getting ready to get married?”

“It’s a good thing, but why stop it?”

“Hmm. Didn’t Lord Tarhan have a daughter?”

“Something? Lord Raihar.”

Tarhan, a veteran Knight of the Burning Sword Knights, tilted his head at Raihar’s words.

“Huh, I can understand Your Majesty’s feelings. I also had a daughter who didn’t hurt even if I put it in my eyes.”

“You know. It was Raina, right?”

“Huh… Our Reina. I prepared a place to stand with the well-mannered Petos-sama’s knight, and this father paved the flower road–“

“Come to think of it, isn’t your daughter married to a judge from Tatar? A judge is better than a knight.”

“Lee Ik!! Proline Ino oh oh oh oh!!”

Lord Raihar, thinking of his daughter who had abandoned her father’s will and married a judge who served the Tatar of the Sun and Judgment, made Sir Raihar grit his teeth and become enraged.

“Why does Lord Tarhan speak of the useless past?”

“No, didn’t that friend of the proline later become a judge of the kingdom? I thought he was a proud son-in-law…”

“Where is the proud son-in-law of a father who has daughters?


Tarhan, who made killing off orcs and barbarians his pleasure in life, did not know the feelings of parents with children. But you get the point.

“Your Majesty seems to feel the same way.”

“His Majesty and the Queen had a very difficult love life, so it must be even worse.”

The love story between Leon and the Queen of Castile was known to everyone in the kingdom.

The rare case of kidnapping and marrying even while incurring the wrath of Dina, the goddess of the moon and chastity, was also the first case in which the Lion Heart King disobeyed the will of God.

The child born at the end of such an exhausting love story was Grand Duke Karina, so it is understandable how they feel.

“Honey, let’s support each other without interfering with His Majesty’s participation in the courtship duel.”

“Hmm… Well, even His Majesty deserves to show affection for the daughter he met after a long time.”

The late Pantheon Knights and Vulcanus agreed to this. Apart from clearing the quest, everyone seems to be enjoying this situation.

“Oh, you’re a daughter. I need to say hello sometime.”


One day, Karina came to the inn where the Pantheon Knights were tied up while all the strongmen with the only superpowers who could stop the runaway Lion Heart King all expressed their resignation.

“It’s been a while, Lord Laihar. The Burning Sword Knights are said to have gone missing, but they’re still alive.”

“It’s been a while, Grand Duke Dragonia. No, I should call you Majesty the Dragon Lord.”

“That would be the legal process in this land.”

After arranging the titles, the knights politely asked Emperor Karina.

“If so, what business did you find us for, Your Majesty the Dragon Lord?

“No, it’s not His Majesty the Lion Heart King who has business.”


“Lord Vulcanus. I’m here to meet him.”

* * * *

Leon trembled at Vulcan’s betrayal.

In this courtship duel, there was a tacit agreement that the members of the pantheon would not step forward.

It’s because I know how Leon feels about his daughter he met after hundreds of years.

“Sir Vulcanus. I believed in you!”

“GARARARARA——! That’s not too much, Mr. Masiol. To me, Majesty and Karina are like Grand Dukes. Wouldn’t it be the heart of a friend to be on the side of a little disadvantaged?”

“Karina, did the child ask for it herself?”

to a courtship duel?

“No, Jim knows you well. Being from a barbarian tribe, he tends to have preconceived notions, but in reality he is quite calculating. You thought it would benefit you if you prioritized your friendship with Karina over your friendship with Jim.”

[I know that Lord Vulcanus’s ambition is bigger than I thought. However, as long as the Lion Heart King is alive and well, your limit will always be the Holy Grail Knight. Am I wrong?]

Karina proposed to Vulcan.

If you would woo me and marry me and have children, I would give you the throne to Vulcan.

I know that it is not the imperial throne, but the feudal feudal lord of a subordinate country, but to Vulcanus, even that is a tremendous transcendence of status.

Vulcanus was born as a warrior of the barbarians and was a warrior of the evil god who commanded millions of barbarians.

He became a Holy Grail Knight after entering the gates of the Lion Heart King, but he was not given a ‘territory’ like other Holy Grail Knights.

Vulcanus, who had his own longing for the power and power of the aristocrats of civilized countries, wanted his own territory and absolute authority like a king.

Until now, only Leon and his loyalty to the gods had suppressed that desire.

“Hu… Sir Vulcanus, since long ago I sang a song about wanting to have a territory, so that’s right. God of War, did you allow it too?”

But above all, this would not be possible without the permission of Vulcan’s guardian deity, Petos of War and Flame.

[It’s not bad.]


Leon didn’t question Petos’ words and waited a little longer. Because he knows that Petos will give an explanation to convince him.

[Isn’t the king’s throne not enough? Absolute power that will not collapse in order for the world to run a little more properly. We have to advance to the Holy Empire.]

If Vulcan becomes king, Leon inevitably has no choice but to raise his rank.

Even if Leon himself recognized Vulcan as a king of the same rank, the gods would not allow Leon to be the pinnacle of the human world.

The gods wanted Leon to wield omnipotent power in a more absolute position. It was also beneficial to the pantheon.

Of course, not all gods were in favor of this, and principleists are everywhere.

[The Lion Heart King’s authority cannot be compared to that of mortals. Don’t cause trouble over mere titles, war.]

[The authority of name and reality is accepted differently by children, Taeyang. Didn’t you know that the successive lion heart kings took up legitimate power and allowed the existence of the empire and the emperor to return to their arrogance?]

[Well, it’s not that the war said anything wrong. The reason Lionheart didn’t rule the world was because the children wanted them to grow and develop on their own. But how foolish choices were made by those who did not know the proper faith.]

The divinity of iron and blacksmith knew how the world that developed so much was destroyed from his Holy Grail Knight, Yapi.

Endless greed and arrogance. How foolish the self-proclaimed lord of all things was.

As the gods’ argument intensified, Leon felt the need to sort it out.

“Gods, this duel is not a very complicated matter.”

Leon looked at Vulcanus. Aside from what he is trying to achieve at this point, Leon also has no particular purpose to represent the gods.

“Fighting between my father and the wayward thieves. That’s all.”


Leon shortens the problem simply. He added one more thing.

“This is a very personal fight, Lord Vulcanus. Honey, refrain from borrowing the power of the gods.”

“Oh, is that a much more unfavorable condition for His Majesty?”

Vulcan’s bowl is huge. He is probably the greatest talent of all time, capable of aiming for the position of Lion Heart King without Leon.

But in the end, he only represents one god. It cannot be compared to the Lion Heart King who represents the gods.

“To punish thieves, is it necessary to borrow power from the gods?”

do not use holy power Even Vulcanus could not help admiring the exciting conditions. So, he gave me an answer that matched him.


The seams of the armor come off. Each time they were peeled off, the falling armor broke the floor of the arena.

Soon all the armor is removed and the most perfect body is revealed to the world.

The rugged, sculptural muscles are well-balanced, and blood vessels that look strong like steel stems are connected.

Muscles that were dull like armor that would only break the blade if stabbed with a decent sword.


A monster who led a million savages.

He sent the gaze of a ferocious beast toward Leon.

“GRARARA──! Can you defeat me with your bare body?”

“Didn’t Kyung-ki do that when he lost against Jim for the 8th time? If it wasn’t for his holy power, he would have won.”

So did you win?

Vulcanus grinned at Leon’s words that reminded him of the past.

“Today will be the winning day. Originally, the one who won last will be the one who really won.”

– Kwaaaang!

The next moment, Leon’s sword struck Vulcanus down.

‘crazy! You’ve gone too far!’

‘Are you really going to kill me!’

The level of the stadium shakes only with the wind pressure. The side who received it is not at the level where it will end at a broken level.

“Gra…! Maybe it’s because I’m older, I can’t do it the way I used to.”

“Then you, who have been frozen for over a hundred years, don’t even do rehabilitation training?”

“It’s okay because you haven’t aged in a while!”

Vulcanus deflected Leon with force in the hand holding the sword hilt. Even Leon is pushed back by Vulcan if it’s pure power.

“You look like you’re a bit bent at the waist, but here’s your cane, old man!”

Vulcanus threw one of his two holy swords at Leon. It was a holy sword ignorantly thrown like a boomerang, but the impact was unusual.


The holy sword thrown with pure supernatural power creates a blazing wind and cuts through the surroundings. Leon skillfully grasped the hilt of the holy sword rushing towards him.

Even if you can’t do it, you’re thinking of catching a projectile that flew at supersonic speed with your bare hands? It was a miracle that gave a glimpse of Leon’s body vision and skill.

“I’ll give it back.”

Leon’s throwing was more refined and accurate than Vulcanus’.

Bondi using long-range weapons are considered disgraceful knights.

However, if it is thrown with one’s own strength, it is a ‘distant attack’ and not a ‘distant weapon’, but the difference is decisive.

An arrow that pulls a string and produces up to 100 power, and a blade that can be thrown with 10,000 power. It was a long-range attack that was incomparable to anything like a ‘ranged weapon’ in terms of its power and range.

– Kwah–!

A speed at which sound cannot follow projectiles. In response, Vulcanus did not even raise his sword to defend himself.


just breathe in,


I vomit with all my might.


– Ears, ears!!

A quality that cannot be recognized as human. The explosive volume of the monster spewing out magnificently distorts even the space.

The holy sword thrown with the strength of a superhuman is bent in front of the holy spirit that distorts space.

– What, what, is that ?!

-You changed the projectile’s trajectory with your voice?!

-Is that a person?!

Vulcan’s voice is that of a monster, to the extent that Leon has to force himself to correct the way he laughs. It was indeed something that could be called the Lion’s Roar, and surprisingly the reason is similar.

Because the monster called Vulcanus is a creature like a masterpiece of the era that instinctively makes and emits the natural guardians of the whole world.

Before he became a Holy Grail Knight, he had the most famous notoriety.

The strongest creature on earth.

The monster of the era who failed thirteen times even though the lion heart king sincerely tried to kill him.


With laughter echoing throughout the arena, Vulcan’s giant sword strikes down.

The two crossed their eyes as they engaged in sword wrestling, in which iron and iron bounced. Vulcan throws his question in this momentary gap.

“I don’t understand!”

“What do you mean?”

“Your Majesty’s way of expressing it! I just go and love you! I care for you! I’m sorry! This is not enough!”

“······The situation is not so simple. The situation is more complicated than we thought.”

Vulcanus stretched out his arm. Both of them knew where that hand toward the air was headed.

– Poof!

In the next moment, one of my giant swords that Vulcanus had deflected came back.

“How about two sacks!”

In the middle of a power struggle, the second giant sword strikes down. The heavy impact created waves and crushed the floor Leon was stepping on.

“No matter how complicated the knot is, just cut it with a single knife! There’s always a simple way to solve a situation!”

“You are so…! I wish I could live comfortably!”

Leon, who was oppressed by Vulcan’s monstrous strength, skillfully let go of his sword and cut Vulcan’s thigh.


It felt like a whole piece of iron had been cut, but it was effective. Blood was gushing out of his thigh.

“You rely on strength and your lower body is still weak, Sir. I told you that when I was teaching you swordsmanship.”

“That’s it…! It’s still sappy. It’s all because I don’t have enough strength. So I’ll find a way back.”

“The horse has bones.”

“How can a person who runs in a straight line when destroying an army of barbarians and a group of orcs go through this much?”

As an adult father-in-law, destroying potential son-in-law candidates? At first glance, it will be seen as an extension of the father who has a daughter.

But Vulcanus knows.

Leon is an authority figure who can reach the extreme of absurdity, but he is also the most rational lion heart king.

The reason why he did not execute Vulcanus, the leader of the barbarians, and made him his servant was because he made a reasonable choice despite all opposition.

‘I don’t want to miss such an innocent and talented person’.

Vulcan’s giant sword rained down like a gale. Contrary to his seemingly heavy size, speed comes from strength.

Vulcan’s twin swordsmanship is a relentless storm itself. Even the storm never abates with the untiring body of perfect vitality.


Leon blocks it with just a sigh. Sometimes blocking from the front, sometimes letting go, sometimes counterattacking… he answers Vulcan’s question.

“I am a failed father. As a king, I made a decision, and if I had to make that choice again, I would make the same choice.”

However, correct answers and correct answers are different. Being right doesn’t mean that the other side’s choice was wrong.

In an alternative moment, Leon chose the right duty. forsake the heavenly wheel

“The burden of being a king is right. A person who has the great responsibility of representing the gods cannot make the wrong choice.”

“However, that’s why Jim isn’t right. It’s a failure.”

“Even if the child understands, even if you tell him it was the right choice, Jim is a failed father.”

You made the right choice. It was a decision to save the country, and it was something that no one would criticize for that choice.

However, as a result, his wife died, and the Grand Duchy, whom he had to protect, perished. Leon just kept something bigger.

“How can such a burden confidently say love in front of that child?”

That’s why he only narrows his daughter’s options by interfering with the courtship duel, which seems terribly selfish.

She is forced to make choices only for herself.

‘They say that daughters resemble their fathers, how can both of them be so disingenuous?’

Karina’s words to Vulcanus weren’t just suggestions.

Vulcan pushed her the same way as Leon, and she too was able to overhear a little of his sincerity from her old friend, Grand Duke Karina.

Hearing the feelings of both sides, Vulcan thought.

They are worthless.

‘Madame Castile! I’m having such a hard time among these old people!’

Vulcanus missed his wife, who acted as a lubricant between the two fathers and daughters.

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